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German quality for a reason

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Hi! My name is Stephan. I'm the Founder ofGQC.io, and we help companies improve the quality of their product and savecosts and time. 
We are a team of driven professionals wholove to work with people from all over the world. We help our clients handlethe unique challenges of working with overseas manufacturers, and we take pridein being a trusted partner for everyone, who wants to explore this dynamic industry.

German quality for a reason

gqc logo

Hi! My name is Stephan. I'm the Founder of GQC.io, and we help companies improve the quality of their product and save costs and time. 
We are a team of driven professionals who love to work with people from all over the world. We help our clients handle the unique challenges of working with overseas manufacturers, and we take pride in being a trusted partner for everyone, who wants to explore this dynamic industry.

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Our Inspection Services

We've created a brief overview that outlines the features of our services. This will help you determine what's best for your needs. Please select from the following options to learn more about the types of inspections available.

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Sample Check

Whether you have sourced a product from online platforms or receive your first prototype, it all starts with a product sample. We provide trust-worthy on-site and off-site samples testing and sample pick up services in China. We compare your samples according to your technical specification and design.

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Factory Audit

Factory Audit is the first step of any supply chain. It can uncover problems before placing an order and gives you a clear view of your supplier’s capabilities, quality management system, operating procedures, production systems and general management. We also provide support to improve your suppliers.

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Quality Inspections allow you to find defects and other quality issues at any stage of manufacturing. Inspections include quantity verification, design, construction, performance, function and safety testing. Our technical experts prepare customized checklists to ensure all relevant specifications are checked.

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Container Loading

Your last chance to verify the quality of the products and reduce the risk of damage during shipping. During CLS an inspector will check the inner and outer condition of containers and the quantity and quality of goods. The supervision ends only when an inspector seals the container and records its departure time.

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Household Goods
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Everything in
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Our Smart Platform for Quality Control is used by the world’s leading brands and retailers to build quality processes and improve supplier management. GQC.io collects KPIs for our customers who wish to increase their quality and reduce the risks & cost by improving the efficiency and quality of their vendors. Built around our core technologies including offline data collection and advanced analytics, it provides brands and factories with a complete solution for improving the efficiency and quality of their entire supply chain.

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Operating across Asia

in 12 countries and regions

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10+ Years of Experience

A long history tells

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Customer Testimonials

»GQC really makes a difference.«

"We have cooperated with several quality assurance companies before, but GQC really makes a difference.
Besides precise detection of classical defects down to the smallest details,  GQC clearly understands concepts and ideas of all different kinds of consumer products, so that they can identify those weaknesses and advise on complications/challenges for end consumers during the actual use of the product. This ability and support is a significant value adding service for us. In addition, we are positively surprised by GQCs' proactive communication and immediate on site feedback when significant issues have been detected, enabling us to react quickly and saving valuable time. Thank you very much for your great support."

– Waldemar Anton – Managing Director of Northpoint GmbH
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Customer Testimonials

»GQC has far exceeded our expectations«

"GQC has far exceeded our expectations. GQC incorporated all our specific requests and added additional check points based on years of experience in the lighting industry. The arrangement of  the inspection appointment was made possible within a very short notice and the communication thereof was conducted in a very humble and professional manner. The inspection report with specific and realistic recommendations arrived within 24h of the inspection itself and was conclusive for the end buyer to make a decision upon accepting the goods despite minor deviations. Great job and we will continue to use GQC services in the future."

– Florian Heike, General Manager of Celinius Co., Ltd. (Taipei) 
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Customer Testimonials

»We are now doing all quality inspection with GQC.«

"Finding the right quality inspector in china took some time for us. At the end it was kind of luck, that we have made Stephan and his company GQC. I was connected to him thanks to a sourcing agent. After the first inspection we have seen that they really pay attention at what they do. Not only have they delivered a fantastic report, but they also had great ideas on how to improve the quality. We are now doing all quality inspection with GQC."

– Dustin Wasylkowski – Garlavie
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Customer Testimonials

»I recommend GCQ.io 100%!«

"As a first-time physical product founder I went through incredible hurdles. One of them was not being able to visit China for factory and production review. Stephan and his team at GQC have been a trusted resource to count on to make sure production was on point before shipping to 36 countries. On top of that, Stephan's team helped me cut costs and timings of sample reviews from different factories by avoiding international shipping, increasing our speed of execution across several prototyping rounds of LITO CASE | Foldable Suitcase. I recommend GCQ.io 100% for the quality control of your product."

– Marco Fazio Founder of Lito Case
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GQC Quality Blog Stay tuned!

There is a lot to be known about manufacturing. Especially as a beginner, it might be hard to find the right information that is applicable to you and your product. In this blog, we are going to dive deep into the details of product manufacturing. You will learn how to find trustworthy manufacturers in China, how to perform factory audits and quality inspections, and thus make sure you are getting quality products at a good price. All this knowledge took us years to gain and is now available to you in one organized place.

From Prototype Precision to Production Realities
December 2023

From Prototype Precision to Production Realities

The journey from a crafted prototype to the final mass-produced product can sometimes be marked by notable differences. Why is it that the final products may not match the precision of their prototypes? The answer lies in the nuances of mass production, supplier practices, and the importance of clear communication and specifications.

Read more
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