GQC Quality Inspection services

Whether you’re a retailer or an importer, quality control in China is important. German Quality Control provides services to cover all stages of the production line including: Pre-Production Inspection, Initial Production Check, During Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment Inspection and Container Loading Supervision.

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Pre-Production Inspection

This process starts even before manufacturing begins. The first step of PPI is to check a factory, its production lines and capability, factory’s equipment and facilities. During this inspection raw materials and main components are needed to be checked. Sometimes pre-production inspection also includes checking some samples.

Initial Production Check

IPC entails the on-site evaluation of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and production capacity in the initial stage of the production. This process includes the inspection of raw materials before production until 20% of the order is completed. We make sure that all elements of your order are in line to proceed smoothly.

During Production Inspection

This inspection takes place once 20-50% of your product run has been completed and packed. Dupro allows you to find defects and other quality issues on early stages of manufacturing. Hence save your time and money. During production inspection is very important if you have a limited time and trying to avoid any delays. 

Pre-Shipment Inspection

This inspection is by far the most common one and will only be performed once the manufacturing run is complete and at least 80% of the order has been packed. The PSI includes quantity verification, checking style and color of your product, its functions and safety. Samples to check are selected at random that’s why this inspection sometimes called final random inspection.

Container Loading Supervision

This supervision is your final chance to verify the quality of the products that you’ve ordered and reduce the risk of damage during shipping. During CLS an inspector will check the inner and outer condition of containers, the quantity of goods and the condition of outer packaging. The supervision ends only when an inspector seals the container and records its departure time.


German quality control inspections focus only on what is important to our customers. We deliver a clear report with all the important answers, which includes:
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Quality Assurance
Each product is visually inspected to make sure there is no defects, scratches, stains, etc...
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Packaging Specification
We check individual packaging of each product and make sure each carton has proper shipping marks and barcodes.
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On-site Product Tests
Safety and function of your product is our priority. We perform different tests to make sure your product works properly.
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Labeling and Marking
GQC inspectors pay attention to all small details. We make sure your logo and product labels were applied properly.  
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Product Specifications
We thoroughly check the product length, width, weight and any other required specifications.  
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Manufacturing Status
Time is money. Our company cares that you’ll get your product as soon as possible. We check the quantity of products, which are ready and packed to make sure it can be shipped soon.

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